Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do you need to be certified to practice animal massage? This law varies from state to state. Michigan does not consider animal massage to be a vet practice; therefore, someone who is not a vet may perform animal massage if they have proper paperwork to show certification and training. Other states, such as Wisconsin, consider animal massage to be a vet practice. In these states, animal massage therapists must be under the supervision of a vet to perform massage.

Q: Is Animal Neuro-Myofacial Release a form of Chiropractics? No. ANMR is not a chiropractic manipulation. Chiropractics manipulate the skeleton and bone structure of the animal to realign the body. ANMR manipulates the soft tissue surrounding a joint to help realign the body; therefore, it is clasified as a massage practice that may be performed by a certified practitioner.

Q: Does ANMR hurt the animal? They jump when the tool goes off. No. When performed correctly, ANMR does not hurt the animal. The movement you are seeing is the pathological response the animal is given when the central nervous system is stimulated. Think of it as the little rubber mallet a doctor uses to check your reflexes - when the mallet makes contact with your knee, your body involuntarily react to show that the nervous system isn't blocked. This is very similar to what you witness with ANMR.

Q: Do you have to be a vet in order to perform cold laser therapy? In most states, cold laser therapy is considered a vet practice and can only be performed by a vet or someone under the supervision of a vet. Canine Complete's supervising vet is Dr. Tracy Nyberg at Stuga North Vet Clinic in Marquette, MI.

Q: What is the difference between Red Light Therapy and Infrared? The big difference is in wavelength. Red light therapy uses wavelengths the human eye can see. Infrared are wavelengths not visible to the naked eye. Infrared tends to penetrate deeper than red light therapy. Canine Complete uses a combination of Red light and Infrared. My handheld cold laser uses red light while my Gospel light pads use a combination of red light and infrared LEDs.

Q: What is the difference between laser light and LEDS? Laser light is a focused beam of light. It's treatment is more focused and more of it's power goes directly into the area for treatment. LEDS are not focused beams - they spread out more causing some of the power to weaken making them more beneficial for superficial treatments.

Q: What if the Kinesiology tape starts to come off on it's own? That's okay! I'm a firm believer that the dog's body knows what it needs and how much. I tend to see the tape start peeling when the dog's body has used what it's can from the treatment. This is generally 1-2 days after the tape is applied. However, sometimes the tape can last up to a week.

Q: Does Reiki really work? I truly believe it does; however, all people and animals receive Reiki differently. Some are very receptive, and some are not. It really depends on the animal - IMO.

Q: My dog has been itchy and has dry skin. We've tried several different kibbles with no success. The vet wants to put him on a perscription diet, but I'm not sure. Can a raw diet help? Yes, absolutely a raw diet can help. A well balanced raw diet has shown in many dogs to be beneficial for issues such as dry, flaky, and itchy skin, amongst other positive changes.

Q: Do you travel? Yes. I will travel pretty much anywhere to help you and your animals. I charge $1 per mile for any travel outside of 20 miles.

Q: Do you attend events? Yes. I do attend events such as dog shows, sporting events, etc. If you'd like me to attend one of your events, please contact me!

Q: What time can I drop off and pick up my dog for boarding/daycare? Drop off is generally between 7-8am and pick up is generally between 5-6pm. However, arrangements can be made if something different is needed - within reason.

Q: Will my dog be indoors or outdoors during boarding and daycare? Both. If your dog needs to be indoors, arrangements can be made. We also have a 2700 square foot fenced in area with gravel and grass for dogs to play around and get some energy out/play with other dogs if they desire. If the weather is nice out, I like the dogs to spend time outdoors as the fresh air is very stimulating and good for them.

Q: Does my dog have to have the bordetella vaccine before boarding or daycare? No, I do not require bordetella vaccines. If you chose to have your dog vaccinated for bordetella, it must be done 3 weeks prior to being boarded/daycare. This is because dogs can shed bordetella for up to 14 days post vaccine in their feces. Your dog must be up to date on rabies and distemper, however.

Q: How old can my dog be to start training? That depends on what you want to do. It's never too early to start basic manners trainer and light trick work. Most puppies at 8 weeks old are ready to start a basic training course.

Q: Do you do behavior modification training? Yes, but I reserve the right to reject any request. Behavior modification can be tricky, and not one size fits all. I may refer you to someone else depending on the behavior.

Q: Do you trim nails? Yes, I'll trim your dog's nails by request. I'll even show you some tricks on how to properly trim nails so you can worry less about cutting the quick.