Massage Therapy and ANMR
Just like humans, dogs and other animals can suffer from muscle tension and trigger points.

Massage has several benefits. Most importantly, it helps release tension in the muscles. Regular massaging may also help improve muscle tone in animals who have muscle atrophy due to age, injury, or have arthritis. Another benefit to massage is for active dogs who participate in trials and events. Massaging muscles and lowering tension may help prevent injury due to overuse or strain.

Animal Neuro-Myofacial Release (ANMR) uses a special tool similar to an activator. This tool sends a pulse through the spine of the animal which stimulates the central nervous system. In areas where there is a "block" in communication with the CNS and the brain, the animal will give an involuntary twitch or spasm in the area of blockage. The activator tool is then used to send pulses into the muscle tissue surrounding the area to help release the muscles, restore communication with the CNS, and naturally help realign the body.

This technique manipulates the soft tissue of an animal. It's complimentary to chiropractics but does not manipulate the bones directly.